Altınsoy İnşaat

Fields of Activity

Our company which provides service in construction and engineering areas, works under residential, industrial, service, educational, institutional, commercial, cultural, social facilities, tourist structures subheadings. Under these subheadings, we provide service with;

  • Residential Complexes
  • Private Housing
  • Turnkey Construction
  • Trade Centers
  • Marinas
  • Hotels
  • Sport Complexes
  • Warehouses, Sheds and Silos
  • Infrastructure Construction Works
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Organized Industrial Buildings
  • Engineering Structures
  • All kinds of rough – fine structure and steel construction manufacturing in the construction sector
  • Monument Restoration Operations
  • Strengthening Works

branches of businesses.

As it appears, our company provides service in many different areas of construction sector. We also provide static-reinforced, steel construction projects and consultancy services in these areas.

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