Among the contracting firms carrying out business activities in the construction sector in our country, ALTINSOY has a distinguished place especially as the contractor of large capacity business and shopping centers, industrial facilities, Office buildings, hotels, prestige buildings and projects. In order to perform this function in the most reliable way possible, the firm takes charge in planning and design, on the one hand; in all areas and stages of construction, on the other. Having achieved a stable growth since its foundation in 1993 up till today, ATLINSOY has managed to become “a brand in the construction sector” in time; as of today, “ALTINSOY Standard” is now a reference that is appealed to in achieving quality and manufacturing rapidity.

ALTINSOY pays great attention to the utilization of innovations in knowledge and technology that are in compliance with standards, technical specifications, administrative and legislation conditions, requirements of the techniques and art of building in superstructure constructions and projects.

ALTINSOY, which delivers the business always on time by placing emphasis on perpetuating customer satisfaction by taking customer needs and potentials into consideration, has a Project management team that is expert and experienced in the completion of difficult and complex projects wholly and before the anticipated delivery date. All the projects that are undertaken to be constructed by ALTINSOY are analyzed by these expert personnel, thus determining the most effective construction method. And the coordination of the design and implementation teams from the same center helps solve the problems emerging at the implementation stage of the projects undertaken as soon as possible.

Organization and management systems are constantly examined, studies for constant improvement of these systems are maintained. Within this framework, attempts at the development of the business conduct in a way that it will insure a significant competitive advantage are continued.

Due to the increasing work load, the hard core is supported depending on the business potential paying attention to personnel training. Our personnel and business quality concepts have been strengthened with ISO 9001-2000 studies and attempts at the further improvement thereof shall always continue. Thanks to the work health and safety system in use, the rarity of accident cases has reached very high standards.

As a corporate institution or in other words, an institution that has bound its activities by a system and procedures; prioritizing team work; sharing profit, loss, success and failure; maintaining in-company social balance; being forever honest towards the state, customers, personnel, sub and subsidiary industries; guiding the customers without forcing them and fulfilling the demands of the customers in the first place; always prioritizing quality, doing its best to provide the customer with the best possible are the most distinguishing evident principles of ALTINSOY.